The Problems with the Tomah VAMC 100-Day Plan

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By Rory E. Riley The recent problems at the Tomah VA medical center have been well-documented, from the over-prescription of opiates to its patients, the struggle in how Senator Tammy Baldwin’s office handled information, to a human game of “hungry hungry hippos” instead of caring for veterans on Halloween.   So, the VA’s release of the “Tomah VAMC 100-Day Plan” seems …

Cost of War

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Less than 48 hours after we celebrated Veterans Day and our French counterparts celebrated Armistice Day, for the third time in modern history, there was a “shot heard ’round the world.” Unfortunately, there were many of them, enough to kill 129 people and leave hundreds more wounded, leading French President Francoise Holland to declare that “France is at war” with ISIS. Many Americans have intently been following the news coverage, wondering, “Will America go to war with ISIS, too?”