Flashpoint; Immigration

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The panel also discussed President Trump’s re-issued executive order on immigration. In response to host Ben Thompson’s question about whether the re-issued executive order kept the country safe, Riley-Topping stated that, “as a reminder, the list of countries came from the Obama Administration. So, Trump is implementing [a promise] that he ran on while using policy from the previous administration.”

Flashpoint; HB2

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Here, the panel was asked to weigh in on the current status of HB2, North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill” passed in March 2016. When asked about the takeaways from the debate around HB2 nearly a full year later, Riley-Topping commented that “The valuable takeaway from this is that it’s a lot harder to undo legislation than to pass legislation in …

Flashpoint; Health Care in the US

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The panel discussed the status of the American Healthcare Act, which was introduced by House Republicans to repair and replace Obamacare. Riley-Topping noted that, after spending time observing the events surrounding the legislation’s markup in D.C., “the majority of GOP lawmakers on the Hill know that there has to be some element of compromise and there are some good things …